Thursday, August 25, 2011


One of my favorite things in life are movies, specially those with a good story and good actors; CRAZY,STYPID,LOVE  is one of them. It´s about falling in and out of love but don´t worry your boyfriend will like it too because it is not the typical love story,I promise you will laught a lot. The best thing of it are the actors specially Ryan Gosling (Jacob),who looks better than ever looking like Tom Ford in his perfect suit, Ryan plays a playboy who seduce every woman he know,with his natural charm and the perfect outfit he gets all the attention but besides the way he looks outside,the best thing is about to come!!! You have to see it and tell me what do you think about this great actor!!! 

Una de mis cosas favoritas además de la moda es el cine,especialmente las películas con una buena historia y buenos actores. El otro día fui a ver LOCO Y TONTO AMOR  y la verdad me encantó porque es una historia de amor y desamor que además de hacerte reir cuenta con muy buenos actores como Ryan Gosling, que interpreta a Jacob, un playboy que conquista a todas las mujeres (incluidas las del cine) con su encanto natural y un look impecable a lo Tom Ford, pero no se dejen llevar por el exterior amigas,lo mejor está por venir.Si puedes vela a ver y luego me cuentas que te pareció!!! 

His new movie is called DRIVE


  1. love him and loved the movie!
    great post.

  2. Esta semana la voy a ver!!!

    gracias por pasar por mi blog! besooos


  3. What a great post, love it.

  4. i like him ,i gotta see that movie!
    if you want visit my blog ,i'd love it! xoxo

  5. he looks so freakin hot!!! love him



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